Month: August 2016

Hog Trifecta Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The Hog Rider trifecta deck covers all important points in a strong push.  The hog rider provides the direct damage to the tower that is hard to stop.  The valkyrie provides the splash damage and a health...

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75% Bones Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck contains almost all the skeleton cards in the game.  The deck uses the giant skeleton, the bomber, the balloon, the tombstone, the bomb tower, the spear goblins, the arrows, and the regular one...

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Pekka Trifecta Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck is a trifecta deck which mean it revolves around a huge push that includes three major cards.  The cards are usually pretty expensive but can give a huge payout.  The three cards in this deck are...

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