Month: June 2017

Update Guide- Leaks | Sneak Peaks | New Game Modes

  Hey guys, today we are gonna look at leaks and sneak peaks related to the upcoming update in Clash Royale. Note: this includes information about the upcoming cards (not released yet) as well as new game modes in challenges along with some information about the new 2v2 battle mode already launched. New Game Mode- 2v2 Ladder   Although 2v2 was released about 2 month ago, it was limited to friendly battles that too not against your teammates but against others. It also did not yield any rewards. Well, all that has been changed. Supercell has released a “2v2...

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Balance Changes- 6/12

      Hey guys, I’m back with another article. This one being about the balance changes announced recently , proposed to be released on the 12th of June. This is going to be an extensive summary about the scheduled Buffs/Nerfs to cards and the possible effects it could have to the game and to the Meta. So let’s get into them! The Night Witch The Night Witch was released into the game just a few weeks back and it is already receiving a nerf. It was a really strong card, sitting strong at 4 elixir, it provided way...

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#1 Deck In the World- Graveyard Splash Deck

Hey guys, today i am going to tell you all about another amazing strategy that has recently been dominating the meta of Clash Royale. Its a deck revolving around the Graveyard Baby Dragon and the Bowler, and is hence called The Splash-yard Deck As you can see in the picture above the deck consists of some other cards like the poison and mega minion as well, which act as support troops to the main trio. With an average elixir cost of 3, this deck is a very moderate in terms if elixir usage and will definitely keep your hand...

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