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SparkNado Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck is good against other high cost pushing decks and is weaker against decks that have cheap troops and meant to cycle through extremely fast.  Overall, I think this deck is more fun than practical...

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AntiHog Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck was created to destroy people who use hog riders, expensive troops, or a deck mainly of single targeting troops.  This deck will allow you to simply overwhelm your opponent with methodical pushes...

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Arrow Bait Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck is meant to destroy and overwhelm your opponent with so many small troops that they will not be able to handle all of them.  You pump out so many cheap troops that even if they have the arrows,...

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A Guide To Build Your Perfect Deck

Introduction Are you tired of only playing the meta?  Are you tired of being called a noob or a 0 skill player because you only have OP cards?  Do you want to crush your friends in an extremely humiliating way by building your...

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