Sparky Clash Royale wikiThe Sparky is a troop card available from Arena 6. It starts with 1200 hitpoints, 1300 area damage and 260 damage per seconds and is upgraded up to 1752 hitpoints, 1898 area damage and 379 damage per second. The Sparky is slow with hi speed of 5 seconds, targeting only ground troops within 4.5 range. The cost for the Sparky is 6 Elixir. Considering its damage per second and the area damage, the Sparky is good to go against cards like the P.E.K.K.A. Regardless, he can be easily destroyed by group troops such as the Minions or the Barbarians. The Sparky is also fragile to the Rocket and the Zap, which is resetting the Sparky`s attack. A good battle deck will combine the Sparky with the Mirror, the Elixir Collector and the Balloon. Clash Royale says: “Sparky has a heavy-handed approach to life: Obliterate everything in sight.”