Giant Skeleton Clash RoyaleThe Giant Skeleton is an epic card available from Arena 2. It is a card with high hitpoints. Starting with 2000 hitpoints, 100 damage per hit, 66 damage per second and 720 death damage, it is upgraded up to 3860 hitpoints, 193 damage per hit, 128 damage per second and 1389 death damage. At 6 Elixir cost, the Giant skeleton operates within melee range, targeting the ground troops with 1.5 sec hit speed. The Giant Skeleton is fragile to the Inferno Tower, but the bomb can destroy a good amount of small troops. The Skeleton is essential in destroying the Crown Tower, because when the bomb drops, it makes a lot of damage. Clash Royale describes the Giant Skeleton as: “The bigger the skeleton, the bigger the bomb. Carries a bomb that blows up when the Giant Skeleton dies.”