So You Want To Create A Clan

Like any great leader, you ask questions.  The question you have right now is how to start a clan.  Starting a clan is very easy, but managing and maintaining one is hard work.  If you don’t want to have to probably spend a little more time online to help your clan out, you might as well join an active clan.  You will get the same benefits with less work.  But if you want to be the leader of something, maybe something that will turn out great, follow this guide and you will be on your way to success.  Every long journey starts with one step, and if you read this guide you will be many steps closer in owning and running a great clan.  Please be aware that this is a long and informative guide.

Thinking of a Name And Shield

The most important part about a Clan. When deciding on a name, you want something unique and you want the name to be remembered.  Make your name unique so when your Clan becomes one to be feared with, your opponents will know it is you.  Please do not name your Clan the “Lightning Sharks” or “3 Crown Masters” as these will be common names.  If there are many Clans with the same or similar names, that name is not considered unique.  Your Clan will not stand out and you will not be remembered.  Additionally, do not copy a famous clan name, whether it is the top clan or a youtuber’s clan.  This will result in unwanted hate from some people and you do not want negativity in your Clan.On tips on naming you Clan, make it personal.  Make the name something you would be proud of to be in because chances are, if you are proud of the name, others will be too.  The name can also be influenced by how you want you Clan to be, like “Delaware Donators” or “Tibet Trophy Hunters”.  Also, if you have a youtube channel, you can name it after your youtube channel and hope to get a little more exposure.  For example, Galadon’s clan could be named “Galadon Youtube”.

Making The Laws

The laws, or rules, drive the Clan to your aspirations and goals.  Do you want a Clan focused on donations?  Make a rule 100 donations to stay in.  Want an Trophy pushing Clan and want to be featured in the top 200 leader boards?  Make a rule to be at a certain trophy level at the end of a season or you get kicked.  Want just an active Clan that you can talk with?  Make a rule that activity is number 1 and trumps Trophies and or donations.  This will allow for more casual players to join and the casual players are usually more chatty.  In short, make rules that will help you make your Clan the way you want it to.  Strictly enforce those rules and allow very few exceptions.  To many exceptions and the rules become pointless.  The picture to the right shows a good Clan description letting interested players know what the leader expects from each and every member.

The Starting Player Base

Your starting player base makes a huge difference when growing a Clan.  If you are by yourself, chances are you will grow very slowly.  This is because your Clan wont be very active if it only has two people in it.  Starting a Clan with friends is a lot easier to do.  Having a player base of five to ten friends helps a lot because that chat is active and people are on at different times.  Heck, if you wanted a Clan active only when you play you could make your Clan regional.  Of course there is no way of knowing but that rule might deter others from applying if it says “NA Only” or “China Based”.   Starting with friends will also make a the Clan more enjoyable as you can already relate with some people.

What Arena Is The Best Arena To Start

Now some of you may have just started to play Clash Royale.  You may be a Level 3 in Bone Pit thinking, I want to start a Clan.  In my opinion, that is a bad move. 1000 Gold when a Level 3 is extremely expensive.  1000 Gold can fund your upgrading needs for a long time.  Additionally, that 1000 Gold will most likely end up in vain.  There are very few people that would want to join a brand new Clan supported by a Level 3 compared to a Clan that is semi to well developed and ran by a much higher Level player.  You would most likely see an inactive Clan that you will abandon in a week.  Being in this inactive Clan for a week will slow your progress as you can’t donate, request, or learn from other Clan members. The minimum Level or Arena I would start tackling a Clan system is Level 5 or Arena 4.  Meeting one of these requirements will help you understand the basic ins and outs of the game.  Knowing these basics will help you give advice to fellow members and giving advice will make a happier morale throughout a Clan.  Higher morale will also help gain loyalty and possibly grow through friends of your current clan members.  Being a level 5 or in arena 4 will make it so that 1000 Gold is less of a handicap to your progression.  Being a higher Level will also let you attract higher level players which is always nice as they can donate higher Level cards to help your own collection grow.  At Arena 8, I personally can gain 2000 Gold a day is I try a little bit.  I can probably make 2500 to 3000 Gold if I straight out grind max win loot and donations.  The higher the Arena and Level, the easier it will be to grow your Clan and not be behind in upgrades.

Growing Your Clan

Unlike Supercell’s famous game Clash of Clans, there is no global chat.  This causes lots of newer Clans to struggle since they can’t spread word about their awesome new Clan.  Being a leader of a new Clan, this may seem frustrating because your Clan will grow a lot slower than it did in Clash of Clans.  Fortunately for you, I know a few ways to help boost your Clan growth up to and beyond the growth of your Clan in Clash of Clans.The first way is simple, friends.  Friends can help start that initial push and get the ball rolling.  Your friends will also make a friendly environment that you enjoy.  The second option is through Supercell forums.  All you have to do is make an account, go to the Clan recruitment section under Clash Royale, and make a post.  In the post you can describe your ambitions as a leader, what you want from members, and your rules.  This can help gain around five to ten members very quickly.  The third option is through various social media outlets.  For Google Plus, you can join some Clash Royale Communities and post you clan information there.  Another popular option would be to use Facebook and join some Clash Royale groups.  There you can also post your clan information.  Other social media sites include Instagram, Snapchat, Pintrest, Youtube, Reddit, and Twitter.  Remember to put your Clan hashtag so interested players can find your Clan hassle free.  The picture shows how the Clash Royale forums look like and the sub sections you can post in.

Maintaining A Donating Clan

If you decided to make a donating Clan, read this section.  If not, please refer to one of the next to sections for the type of Clan you are interested in.  You want to make this type of Clan to either Gold farm or XP from people’s requests.  Unfortunately for you, Clash Royale has limited this by making a donation cap.  However, you can still max out donations by being or leading a donation Clan.  You would want to make your Clan name something that has to do with donating.  A popular Clan name would be “Req and Go”, referring to the interested players in joining, requesting, getting their cards quickly, and then leaving to get on with their matters.  You want a few people online and in the Clan so you can all fill up peoples’ requests.   A good amount of base players for this type of Clan would probably be around 5-30 people so there is always someone online filling up requests.  The donation farming may be slow at first, but as your Clan becomes more reputable for filling up donations quickly, more and more people will be filtered through and you will have max donations fairly quickly.

Maintaining A Trophy Pushing Clan

If you decided to make a Trophy pushing Clan, read this section.  If not, please refer to  the next to section for the type of Clan you are interested in.  A good Trophy Clan is probably the most prestige type of clan. Because of this, many players want to lead one of these.  To make a successful Trophy Clan, you need to have a friend with you.  You have to make a Clan strictly based of Trophies.  For example, if a player falls below x amount of Trophies for y amount of time, they are kicked out and are suppose to join your Clan’s feeder Clan.  This feeder Clan will be ran by your friend.  Only the top players between the two Clans will be able to join your Trophy Clan.  Having 2 Clans will promote loyalty because the kicked members have a safe place to go.  Also, there is an important thing to remember that some leaders forget about.  This is to always have 49/50 people in your Clan.  This allows for even better people to apply to your Clan.  Some people may think having 50 players will gain you a higher Trophy count and that is true, but the payout of having 49/50 people in a Clan at once will be better in the long term.  Thinking long term instead of short term is a great idea when managing any type of Clan.  Also, it is important to know how Trophies are calculated.  The picture to the right explains it pretty clearly.  In short, the first ten players in your Clan generate the most Trophies.  They contribute 50% of their own Trophies directly to the Clan.  The next ten contribute 25%, then 12%, then 10%, and then finally the last ten contribute 3% of their Trophies.  This chart shows that kicking the last player so you have 49/50 players won’t majorly affect your clan’s Trophy count.  Them being kicked would most likely equate to the value of your top guy winning one match.  This helps show how insignificant the last member is.

Maintaining an Active Clan

So you want to make an active, casual friendly Clan.  This is probably the most common type of Clan because it is a pretty easy type of Clan to maintain.  There is very few thing you have to do and it is very casual.  There isn’t much to running this clan except to make the Clan an environment you enjoy and can have fun in.  If you don’t like seeing people cuss out things because of rage, you can make a rule about no cussing.  This Clan is ideally just a chill Clan that almost anyone can join.

Who Deserves Elder

Some people don’t realize how much power an elder has compared to the elders in Clash of Clans.  Clash Royale, unlike Clash of Clans, doesn’t have the elder kick cool-down.  This can mean an early promotion can lead to your Clan becoming much smaller and less make you very upset.  Because of this, you shouldn’t make any new guy begging for elder an elder.  He probably want to just troll your Clan and leave.  A good reference to look at worthy people is their donations and how long they have been in the Clan.  A minimum requirement for a semi successful clan would reasonable be 200 donations a season and to be in the Clan for at least 2 seasons.  Of course when your Clan climbs higher in the rankings, you may have to change the requirements.  A built up Clan may have requirements of trust, 500 donations a season, and to be in the Clan for months.  Of course no system is full proof, but using some precautions and guidelines will help you keep most of the rift raft out.  The picture to the right shows the devastation that can happen if you promote an untrustworthy person to elder or co leader.

Who Deserves Co Loader

Co leader is a lot more powerful than an elder.  They can kick everyone in the Clan besides similar or higher ranking players.  Because of this, be very cautious of who you promote to co leader.  For me, I usually promote my real life friends because those are the only people I trust to help me run a Clan.  That being said, I know of other Clans that promote people to co leader after a player shows extreme helpfulness by answering questions newer players may have, good donations throughout multiple seasons, good leadership qualities, can be trusted, and is active in chat.  Like all systems, this one can fail and cost you nearly your whole Clan.  Because of this, make sure you only promote people who you absolutely trust to co leader.

In All

Make a unique Clan name, set up foundation rules, play with friends, think long term, and make sure you promote trustworthy people.  By finishing this guide you have already become a better future Clan leader.