Barbarian Bowl Clash Royale wikiPlayers can reach Arena 3 also known as the Barbarian Bowl if they surpass 800+ Trophies. There are only two cards unlocked in Arena 3, that are based on Barbarians, the Barbarians themselves and the Barbarian Hut. Other cards unlocked in the Barbarian Bowl are Cannon, Rocket, Rage and X-Bow. The Free Chest in the Barbarian Bowl is unlocking from 34 to 43 Gold and 5 cards. The Silver Chest is hiding from 27 to 34 Gold and 5 cards. The Golden Chest unlocks around 94 Gold and 17 cards, among which 1 is rare. The Crown Chest rewards the player with 221 to 289 old and 34 cards, among them 3 are rare. The Magical Chest is giving away from 272 to 340 Gold and 51 cards, one is epic and ten are rare. The Giant chest contains from 731 to 901 Gold and 136 cards with 13 rares among them. The Super Magical Chest unlocks from 1632 to 2040 Gold and 306 cards, 10 are epic and 61 are rare.