Spell Valley Clash Royale WikiThe Spell Valley is also known as Arena 5. It is the most colorful arena , where all the magic happens:). To enter the Spell Valley, the player needs to have 1400+ Trophies with tolerance of 50 Trophies down if he loses a game or two after entering Arena 5. The Spell Valley unlocks the spell cards: Zap, Mirror and Poison. It also unlocks the Legendary card Ice Wizard. Fire Spirits, Wizard, and Furnace are also unlocked in the Spell Valley. The Free Chest in Spell Valley unlocks from 46 to 58 Gold and 7 cards. The Silver Chest unlocks 37 to 46 Gold and also 7 cards. The Golden Chest rewards the player with 127 to 150 Gold and 23 cards, among them 2 are rare. The Crown Chest in Spell Valley contains around 350 Gold and 46 cards, among which 4 are rare. The Magical Chest gives away from 368 to 460 Gold and 69 cards, 2 epic and 13 rare. The Giant Chest unlocks 989 to 1219 Gold and 184 cards, 18 are rare. and finally, the Super Magical Chest will surprise the player with 2208 to 2760 Gold and 414 cards, 13 epic and 82 rare.