Month: March 2018

Wizard Support Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck’s main push is your Valkyrie and wizard, or your mini pekka and wizard.  Your will use your elixir collector to support your elixir supple and your cannon will be used on defense.  Your...

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Giant Furnace Deck

Background Information You use the furnace as a supporting card that applies constant pressure.  Your main push will be your wizard, royal giant, and bomber.  Be careful if your opponent has the fireball because it can...

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My Personal Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck is made to be played aggressively.  This deck is a variation of a hog cycle deck.  What makes this deck a little different from your average hog cycle deck is that this deck does not have a...

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Barrel Defense Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck is good against other high cost pushing decks and is weaker against decks that have area of effect troops like the wizard.  Overall, I think this deck is fun and practical because of all the in...

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Your Chance To Become A Pro

TLDR: If you win enough times in the Clash Royale League Event, you will be able to enter a tournament and have the chance to win some delectable prize money. Original post can be found here. Clash Royale LeagueWelcome to the !...

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