Experience Clash Royale wikiThe Experience in Clash Royale can be gained in 3 ways:

  • By upgrading the cards in your decks. The player can upgrade the cards by purchasing them from the shop the required amount for upgrade. Also, the player gets cards from opening the Chests.
  • By donating cards within your Clan (common and rare). When the players donate common card, they gain 1 XP, and when donating a rare card, they gain 10 XP.
  • By completing Achievements. When the player joins a clan, he gets 10 XP. When finishing the first Level of the Friend in Need Achievement, he gets 5 XP, 10 XP for the second level and 20 XP for the third level Friend in Need achievement. Accomplishing the three levels of the Road to Glory Achievement brings 5,10 and 20XP. The Gatherer also has three Levels, and the player gets 5,10 and 20XP.The TV Royale Achievement brings you 5 XP by only watching a battle available on the menu.

In order to proceed to the next Level in Clash Royale, the players need certain amount of Experience. Achieving Level 1 requires 20 XP, Level 2 needs 50 XP, proceeding to Level 3 will cost the player 100 XP, Level 4 is 200. Reaching Level 5 costs 400 XP, Level 6 is 1000 XP. For Level 7 the player needs 2000 XP, Level 8 is 5000 XP, Level 9 needs 5000 XP, Level 10 is 10.000 XP. Reaching Level 11 costs 80.000 XP and finally Level 12 costs 100.000 XP.

The more Experience the player gains, the stronger the Kings Tower becomes.