Giant Clash RoyaleThe Giant is a troop card, available from the Training Camp. He is not very famous by his speed. His targets are buildings, with melee range and hit speed of 1.5 sec. The cost for the Giant is 5 elixirs and his deploy time is 1 sec. He starts with 2000 hitpoints, 126 damage per hit and 84 damage per second, and ends with 4660 hitpoints, 293 damage per hit and 195 damage per second. Since his main target are buildings, on the way to the towers, the Giant can be distracted by some building card such as the Goblin Hit. He immediately focuses on destroying the Goblin Hut, and by the time it is destroyed, if he manages not to get killed by the goblins or other deployed cards, he continues his way to the Towers. The Giants gets long with the Archers, Bomber, Musketeer and other fragile cards that can cover his back. Clash Royale describes the Giant as: “Slow but durable, only attacks buildings. A real one-man wrecking crew.”