Minion Horde Clash Royale wikiThe Minion Horde is a troop card available from Arena 4. It targets both air and ground troops within 2.5 range. The cost for the 6 Minions is 5 Elixir. The attack fasts with hit speed of 1 second. The Minion Horde is a card with low hitpoints, starting with 90, and 40 damage per second, they are upgraded up to 278 hitpoints and 123 damage per second. The Minion Horde is one of the most used supportive troop cards, since it can target air and ground troops. It is good to go with high hitpoint troops such as the Giant Skeleton. The Minion Horde is an expensive version of the Minions, so they cannot be used in emergency situations. They can easily take down the Balloon, but they can also protect it. The Minion Horde is fragile to spell cards such as the Arrows or the Fireball. Clash Royale describes the Minion Horde as: “Six fast, unarmored flying attackers. Three`s a crowd, six is a horde!”