Golem Clash Royale wikiGolem is a troop card available from Arena 6. It is a melee range card with hit speed of 2.5 seconds and cost of 8 Elixir. With slow speed, the Golem`s main target are buildings.  When destroyed, it breaks in two Golemites, starting with 600 hitpoints and upgraded up to 1158. On the other hand, the Golem itself starts with 3000 hitpoints and is upgrade up to 5790 hitpoints. One of the greatest enemies of the Golem are the Skeleton Army, the Minions and the Inferno Tower. The Golem should be combined with troops that can help him get to the opponent’s side. It takes a lot of time to destroy the Golem, but it is also very expensive, so the player should have a good strategy when drawing this card. Clash Royale describes the Golem as: “Slow but durable, only attacks buildings. When destroyed, explosively splits into two Golemites and deals area damage!”