Achiements Clash Royale WikiThere are five different types of Achievements in the game: Team Player, Friend in Need, Road to Glory, Gatherer and TV Royale. By completing them, you will be rewarded with Gems and Experience. The total amount of Experience you will gain by competing all the Achievements is 120. 159 is the number of Gems you will get from all the Achievements. The other players can see your Achievements on your player profile. They also appear in the Game Center where each one of them will give you a certain amount of points.



Team player

The Team Player Achievement is completed only by joining a Clan. This is the easiest and most exciting Achievement, because by completing it you will get 10 points of Experience and a 100 gems. That’s right, you heard me ,100 Gems, so don’t just waste them, but use them wisely 🙂

Friend in Need

This Achievement is accomplished by donating cards. It consists three levels. By completing each level, you will gain a set amount of Gems and Experience.

The first level is completed by donating 25 cards, and in exchange of that, you will gain 3 Gems and 5 Experience.

In order to complete the second level, you must donate 250 cards, and in return you will get 5 Gems and 10 Experience.

And the third level will be completed by donating 2500 cards, and you will get 10 Gems and 20 Experience. This is the most ungrateful level, because you give a lot and in return you don’t receive a lot. But this are the rules of the game, we cannot change them.

Road to Glory

There are three levels to complete in order to accomplish this Achievement. Each level is completed by reaching certain Arena. You will complete level 1 by reaching Arena 2, and you will get 3 Gems and 5 Experience.

Level 2 is completed by reaching Arena 4. You gain 5 Gems and 10 points of Experience.

In order to complete the third level, you must reach to Arena 6. You will get 10 Gems and 20 Experience.


There are also three level in this Achievement. You can complete each one of them by collecting a certain amount of cards. The first level requires 20 collected cards, the second level 30 cards and in the third level you must collect 40 cards. Each completed level rewards you with Gems and Experience. Therefore, by completing the first level, you will gain 3 Gems and 5 Experience, the second level will bring you 5 Gems and 10 Experience, and in the third level you will get 10 Gems and 20 Experience.

TV Royale

This is an Achievement that doesn’t require much effort. All you need to do is to watch a battle replay on TV Royale, of any match that appears between random players. There are no levels in this Achievement, so you don’t have to watch like a hundred matches, and because of that, in this Achievement you only get 5 Gems and 5 Experience. Fair enough.