Month: August 2016

Giant Annoyance Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I caled this the Giant Annoyance deck because this deck has one of the best defenses in the game.  This deck will annoy pretty much any player because this deck can play very hard defense.  If you are down...

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Miner Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck is perfect for people who want a fairly cheap deck that is strong on defense.  The mini pekka and barbarians are both super strong defenses and the cannon can provide further distraction to...

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Spirit Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This is a fun deck to use because of a few reasons.  The first reason is how fast pace this deck is.  Because it is under a three elixir average for the cost of this deck, you can always be on the offense....

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Sparky Goblin Barrel Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck is a very cheap but a good deck overall.  This deck has multiple offensive pushes to choose from which will keep your opponent on their toes.  You can do the giant sparky push, the giant goblin...

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