Elixir Collector Clash RoyaleThe Elixir Collector is available from the Builder`s Workshop. In order to get the Elixir Collector, you need to spend 5 Elixir.  At Level 1 it has 640 hitpoints and is upgraded up to 1638 hitpoints. The lifetime of the Elixir Collector is 1 min and 10 seconds, and in that time it produces Elixir with speed of 9.8 sec. The main purpose of the Elixir Collector is to boost the Elixir production. That way you will draw cards much faster than your opponent does. The Freeze and the Rage spell do not have any affection on it. It can also be used as a destruction of the cards with high hitpoints such as the Giant Skeleton, but that is not why we want to use it. Its best use it with the Mirror card, because it multiplies the Elixir production, therefore you will be able to defend your Towers no matter what the opponent draws, because you will be always ahead with your Elixir. The lifetime of the Elixir Collector can be shortened with the Fireball. Clash Royale says: “You gotta spend Elixir to make Elixir.”