Hey guys, today I’m gonna be telling you whether buying Legendary Cards from the shop is worth it or not.

At some point of time all of us have definitely wanted to buy the Legendary Cards from the Shop in Clash Royale. Well, cheer up, because that’s exactly what Supercell introduced in the latest update on May 3rd. According to Supercell, the Legendary Cards can appear in your Shop, irrespective of popularity or anything else. This however, will only happen only once you’ve reached Arena 8 (Legendary Arena). I’ve been getting legendaries in my shop 3 days straight now, even though some youtubers said they would appear about once a week. So the real question comes into play-should you buy them or not?

The starting price of a Legendary Card in the shop is 40,000,which is certainly pricey. You can buy up to 3 legendaries with a total cost of 240k- 1st for 40k, 2nd for 80k, and the 3rd for 120k. Here are some stats about chests,gold and drop rate:

A Legendary Arena Super Magical Chest costs about $33. It contains about 4k gold, 684 cards, including 22 epics, and 136 rares, with about a 10-20% chance of a legendary. Even though the drop rates of legendaries  have been increased, you will still have to throw $100 to get one. Going by this, it should take you approximately 4-5 Super Magical Chests before you get 1 Legendary Card, or in other words, about $130-150 . This is certainly very pricey,even if you are getting a huge amount of rares and epics.

On the other hand, if you buy a Legendary Card from the Shop , it will cost you 40000  Gold or about 2000 Gems, which is equal to about $15, an INSANE saving as compared to buying with Super Magicals, (that is of course if you are only concerned about getting legendaries).  Now that we know buying from the Shop is good, lets move on to HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS while buying Gems, such that you get good quality as well as quantity Cards, along with LEGENDARIES

Lets take a look at the Giant, Magical and Super Magical Chest stats.

SUPER MAGICAL CHEST:A legendary arena Super Magical Chest costs about $33. It contains about 4k gold, 684 cards, including 22 epics, and 136 rares, with about a 10-20% chance of a legendary. Great for leveling up your epics, but the gem:card ratio is not very good, about 6.5 gems per card. Not very economical to buy, in my opinion. If you have lot of money to spend however, this Chest might be best suited for you, thanks to its excellent capability of helping level up your common,rare and epic cards, along with a good chance at getting a Legendary Card.This concerns the $1000-a-month spender.

MAGICAL CHEST: An Arena 8 Magical Chest contains about 700 Gold, 114 Cards, 3 epics and 22 rares with a slim chance of a legendary. The gem:card ratio is about the same as a Super Magical,about 7 Gems per Card. Even with less rares and epics, the Magical Chest is not as good as the Super Magical Chest, making it the most in-economical chest in the whole game.I definitely don’t recommend you guys to buy it, even though it contains quite a few epics. That is because, in my opinion epics aren’t everything. Leveling up your rares and commons is much more important than leveling up your epics.Commons and rares have much better stats and at a cheaper price, and with a lot of versatility.

GIANT CHEST: An Arena 8, Giant Chest chest costs about 490 gems, with about 2000 Gold, 304 Cards, among which :30 rares, with no epics as such, but more than 50% chance at one. I think you guys know why I love it. Its the Gem:Card ratio.It is about 1.5 Gems per Card, much much better than the Magical and the Super Magical Chest, Even though it has a very slim chance at a legendary, its by far the most economical chest in the game, thanks to its ability to help you level up your commons and rares very fast, at a very economical price.It’s best suited for the more average or occasional spender. To add icing to the cake, it gives you an insane amount of Gold, about 2000 per Chest, which can be used to level up your cards OR, if you want to MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFIT, it can be used to buy LEGENDARIES FROM THE SHOP.  Statistically, at about 2000 Gold per Chest, it will take you 20 Giant Chests to get 40000 Gold, or enough to buy a Legendary Card from the shop. Now that’s about 9800 Gems, which might sound a little too much, but, if you look at the stuff that those 20 Giant Chests will give you, getting a legendary out of them is just a bonus. 40.000 Gold along with a colossal 6086 Cards, including 600 rares! Certainly not bad for a something about twice the price of a super magical chest, yielding about 9 TIMES the cards that a super magical will give. These stats are the reason that the giant chest is the best buy in the game, in my opinion. it has a massive amount of Cards and Gold at a very economical price, as explained above.

So guys,if you want to spend about $100 on the game, you should definitely buy Giant Chests, use that money,and with the Gold that you get from it , buy a Legendary Card.Or, if you are not a fan, upgrade your commons and rares to higher levels easily. Yes , buying legendaries from the Shop is beneficial if you really need them and have a disposable amount of Gold.

I really hope this article helped every last one of you to make a better decision if you decide to throw some money into the game, which i expect you will, simply because this game has such a huge potential and is already topping the charts, being just 4 months old. I really hope for a 2v2 feature coming into the game soon.

This is Ashton Aka Snehil Gupta, and i will do my best you keep you guys updated with the best information possible.