Fire Spirits Clash Royale wikiThe Fire Spirits is a troop card available from Arena 5. They target both air and ground troops. The cost for all 3 is 2 Elixir. They ae very fast, with 43 hitpoints and 80 area damage, and are upgraded up to 132 hitpoints and 247 area damage. The Fire Spirits is a self-destructive card, meaning, it is not attacking only the enemy’s troops, it also attacks itself. The Fire Spirits are good against troops with low hitpoints such as the Goblins. Regardless, they should never be drawn alone, the players should always combine the Fire Spirits with other cards. The Minions can easily defeat the Fire Spirits. Clash Royale says: “These three Fire Spirits are on a kamikaze mission to give you a warm hug. It`d be adorable if they weren`t on fire.”