Skeletons Clash RoyaleAt cost of 1 Elixir only, the Skeletons are a very good choice if you want to distract some enemy with high hitpoints. They are fast, with 1 sec hit speed and 1 sec deploy time. Their target is the ground and operate within a melee range. Even though they are 4 at count, they have very low hitpoints, only 30 at level one and 84 at level 12. The damage per hit and the damage per second are 30 at level 1, and then increased up to 84 in Level 12. The Skeletons are available from the Bone Pit. Their main purpose is to distract, and since they are very fragile, they should not be left alone, but combined with another cards. Clash Royale describes the Skeletons as: “Four fast, very weak melee fighters. Swarm your enemies with this pile of bones!