The Crown Towers are the three Towers located at the back of every players Arena. There is one main Tower called the King`s Tower, and on the both sides of the Kings Tower, there are two more Towers called Arena Towers.

King`s Tower

Kings Tower Clash Royale wikiThe King`s Tower is the most important Tower of all three. If the opponent takes down the King`s Tower, the player loses immediately, even though the Arena Towers are still playing. The level of the King`s Tower is the same as the King Level. As the player gains more experience and levels up, the King`s Tower increases its hitpoints. At Level 1 it starts with 2400 hitpoints and is upgraded up to 5832 hitpoints. The King`s Tower is not attacking the opponent until one of the Arena Towers are destroyed, or until someone attacks it. Therefore, it is not recommended to attack the King`s Tower at the beginning of the game. The King`s Tower attacks only ground troops.

The King`s Tower is attacked directly by troops whose main target are buildings, such as the Giant Skeleton, The Hog Rider and Balloon. It can also be attacked with spell cards like the Fireball and the Rocket, or other troops that have nothing else in the way.

Arena Towers

Arena Tower Clash Royale wikiThe Arena Towers are placed on the left and the right side of the King`s Tower. The Arena Towers are defending the King`s Tower from the opponents, targeting both air and ground troops. The Arena Towers are attacking within 7.5range with hit speed of 0.8 seconds. They start with 1400 hitpoints and are upgraded up to 3668 hitpoints.

Just like the King`s Tower, the Arena Towers are targeted directly by troops that attack buildings, such as the Giant and the Golem. They can be attacked by spell cards and other troops that are moving toward the Arena.