Spear Goblins Clash RoyaleVery fast, targeting both air and ground in 5.5 range, the Spear Goblins is a troop card unlocked at the Goblin Stadium. The cost for the three Spear Goblins is 2 elixirs which is great since you can deploy them many times against the opponent. Their hit speed is 1.3 sec with 1 sec deploy time, The Spear Goblins have low hitpoints. They start with 52 hitpoints, 24 damage per hit and 18 damage per second, and are upgraded up to 146 hitpoints, 67 damage per hit and 51 damage per second. The Spear Goblins are a good backup troop for the Giant and other cards with high hitpoints. If left alone, they can be easily destroyed by the Baby Dragon, Arrows and the Bomber. They are also very useful against the Balloon; they can lower its health by throwing spears. Clash Royale describes the Spear Goblins as: “Three unarmored ranged attackers. Who the heck taught these guys to throw spears!?!Who thought that was a good idea?!