Tesla Clash Royale WikiThe Tesla is building card available from Arena 4. It targets both air and ground within range of 5.5. At the cost of 4Elixir you get a defensive building with lifetime of 40 seconds and hit speed of 0.8 sec. The Tesla starts with 400 hitpoints, 64 damage and 75 damage per speed, and is upgraded up to 1236 hitpoints, 197 damage and 246 damage per second. When underground, it cannot be damaged by spells like the Fireball or the Lighting, although, if thrown on time, the Fireball can deal great damage on it.  Tesla`s main specialty is targeting troops that are headed to the Towers. Since it targets both air and ground, it is also good opponent for the Baby Dragon and the Minions. Clash Royale describes the Tesla as: “Defensive building. Whenever it`s not zapping the enemy, the power of Electrickery is best kept grounded.”