Month: November 2017

Chip And Defend Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck was created to slowly damage your opponent’s crown tower and with enough pushes, eventually take it down.  The main idea to play this deck is to cycle to your goblin barrel, princess, and...

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Ice-Keteer Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck was created to center around the ice and musketeer theme.  With the winter holidays coming up I thought this was appropriate.  The ice part of this deck come from the zap, the ice spirit, the ice...

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Watch The Best Players In The World Finals

The World finals are coming up and if you want to be able to watch the best players play your favorite game, now is the time to buy your tickets.  Basic tickets to watch the game is only 20 dollars but if you want the exclusice...

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SparkNado Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck is good against other high cost pushing decks and is weaker against decks that have cheap troops and meant to cycle through extremely fast.  Overall, I think this deck is more fun than practical...

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