Hey guys, today we are going back to deck basics and archetypes, to discuss about a new deck which revolves around the pekka, miner and the goblin hut, among other cards like the Zap, Poison, Log, Electro wizard and the Mega Minion. It is actually the deck used by many players in the CCGS tournament , with win rates over 70%, which clearly shows what a massive success this deck has been. It is an interesting deck ,because it is a Pekka deck, which obviously makes it a very risky deck that needs to be played carefully. It also has 3 spells, which is quite unusual. As for the counters, there really isn’t a proper counter to this deck. It might seem Graveyard will counter it, but then poison completely shuts down Graveyard.  Pekka is super strong against Giant, Hog rider and E-wiz Zap kills Minions. The only apparent “problem” with this deck is the slow cycle, being quite expensive, so you need to be patient. This is a great tournament deck, also useful in Grand Challenges.


I would like to highlight Poison due to the following qualities of poison:

Poison can be used effectively to damage both troops and buildings.
It can be used to cripple the infamous spawner strategy, as it damages the troops that spawn from the buildings, along with the buildings themselves, resulting in massive elixir advantage
Since the Poison’s damage is capable of killing a Musketeer, Wizard, or Electro Wizard but since the troops tends to walk out of the radius before it dies, a Knight/ Skeletons paired with the Poison to keep the troop inside the radius can also be used
Pairing Poison with the Miner is a good idea since the poison will take out the defences while the miner will chip the tower.
Poison is preferred to Fireball as it combines extremely well with and AGAINS Graveyard, crippling anything in a big radius. It can be an effective counter to the Graveyard, sharing a similar duration. It covers most of its radius. However, some Skeletons will still do damage to the Arena Tower.

The Idea:

The basic idea in this deck is to Build up strong pushes and punish the opponent with heavy pushes when they pump up, because your opponent would be out of elixir at that time. Like the deck name suggests, you need to “Control” the game, literally meaning deciding the tempo of the match. Go slow initially looking out for your enemy, constantly “learning” him as the battle unfolds. Control your elixir and his. When you see an opening, cheekily send a miner in with poison or E-wiz and watch the tower take some serious damage .

The deck includes cards like the Electro Wizard, the Miner, The Mega Minion , supported by the likes of The Poison, The Zap, The Log, and the Goblin Hut .

The deck might seem conventional at first but it extremely non conventional. It includes Bridge Spam, Push from the back, and even Miner Poison! Such is the versatility of this deck.


Weakness: There is no real widespread weakness of this deck, except for a skill-less player. No, really, other that a very skilled player with a very fast cycle deck this deck will stand firm against most decks.



Strengths: The Deck is strong against all kinds of decks, From Hog To Golem to Miner. Even against the 3 Musks it will perform very well ( Courtesy of The Pekka) if elixir is managed and the opponent is punished. The core strength of this deck lies in the ability to gain elixir advantages and punish the opponent by pushing with all force, or chipping away with Miner Poison.



Key Points: The key points in this deck are the Poison and Pekka, and even the miner . Both are extremely great cards. They both provide insane value. The Pekka combined with the Log  can prevent a Hog from getting even a single hit on your tower. Moreover, it is extremely effective against the 3 musketeers, killing one in a single shot. Also providing a base for counter pushes, which are more or less the essence of this deck.

The goblin hut as well, is a really great card. At the mere cost of 5 elixir , it provides great value, tanking and attacking . Just like I always say, it is one of the most underrated card in the card, if not the most. Its ability to take down Huge tanks and mini tanks effectively is unmatched, be it air or ground.


The Tanks:

The tanks in this deck are the Pekka and The Goblin Hut. The Goblin Hut is one, as it constantly spawns Goblins that not only get chip damage on the opponents’ tower, making them either defend or leave it, losing either way, but  even provide great value on defence, taking down hordes and tanks alike when accumulated. Tanks can be used to distract enemy troops and allow the tower to take them down effectively, much like the ice golem. The Pekka in particular can easily take down tanks with a few hits at max. This allows for a counter push to build up and this is what wins matches in this era of Clash Royale. Skill wins matches. Well, 80% of them, excluding out the ones with max cards where you have practically no chance.

The Cyclers:

This deck has 2 cards that can be used to cycle or to start the game at the back. They are Log and the Zap, both costing a mere 2 elixir. Now the ice spirit is an extremely versatile card. Combined with the electro Wizard it can take down pretty much all kinds of swarms. Even the electro wizard combined with goblins ( Goblin Hut) can take down Elite barbs . there are infinite possibilities.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your experience with this deck. Constantly keep trying new ways of creating these strategies and you win surely achieve success in the meta.

I hope you guys liked this quick deck guide. I’ve decided to make these short and simple so that everyone can understand them . Till next time, cheers.