Background Information

This is the final part of the series of arena decks that lead up to the legendary arena.  This week we are going over the Royal Arena deck.  Some of you may know the Royale Arena  to be arena four.  There are a few more cards available because the Royal Arena  unlocks important troops.  You may have to wait a little to get all the needed cards.    The new cards include the royal giant, the dark prince, the three musketeers, the guards, and the princess.  The royal giant is strong against any defense that is placed down because he out ranges all of them but two.  He is weak against high damage troops like the mini the pekka, the pekka, the barbarians, and the minion horde.  He is also very vulnerable to a non placed inferno tower because the inferno tower’s scaling damage can kill the royal giant before the royal giant kills the inferno tower.  The bomber is very vulnerable when against direct damage spells like the lightning spell or the fire ball.   The dark prince has a shield so it can take hard hits easily from things like the prince, the pekka, and the sparky.  It does absolutely amazing against small swarm troops like the spear goblins, the regular shank goblins, the barbarians, and the skeletons.  IT does bad against troops like the minions, the minion horde, and the ice wizard.  The three musketeers card is super strong once one tower is down because they can lock onto the other crown or arena tower and get quite a few shots off before the enemy has time to even think about countering them.  However, these three musketeers can be countered very easily.  The barbarians, the lightning spell, the rocket, the combo of the fire ball and the zap will completely kill them off for a three or four elixir advantage.  They also are nearly dead with just the four elixir fire ball.  However, they are strong against other swarm troops like the minions, the minion horde, the spear goblins, the regular shank goblins, the skeletons, and the goblin barrel.  This is another card that can either help you a lot or lead you to defeat.  The guards, just like the dark prince, have a shield.  This lets them be extremely useful for killing slow but hard hitters.  They are great counters to the sparky, the pekka, the prince, and the mini pekka.  They are weak against any air troops like the minions, the minion horde, and the baby dragon.  They are also weak towards any splash damage like the Valkyrie, the bomber, and the wizard.  The final troop unlocked is the last legendary card, the princess.  She works great against small swarm troops like the spear goblins, the regular shank goblins, the skeletons, the minions, and the minion horde.  She also kills barbarians pretty effectively given enough time.  Her range is very long and is the only troop in the game that can shoot further than your enemy’s arena or crown towers.  She is very poor at defending against mid to high health troops.  The troops that she defends the worst are the prince, the golem, the giant, the royal giant, and the giant skeleton.  All these troops have too high of hit points to be majorly impacted by the flaming arrows shot by the princess.  The cards used in this deck is the royal giant, the bomber, the barbarians, the spear goblins, the minions, the fire spirits, the inferno tower, and the zap spell.


The average elixir cost for this deck is 3.5 elixir and contains the following cards:


RoyalGiantCardRoyal Giant-  The royal giant is a great tank and is a high damage per second troop.  He can usually get at least one shot on the enemy crown or arena tower but the royal giant can usually get three to five shots off onto the enemy arena or crown tower.  The royal giant has the potential to be devastating when paired up with a ton of splash damage.  I recommend two push you should try mastering.  The first push has splash damage troops supporting your royal giant.  This is a good strategy when your opponent doe not have an inferno tower to easily kill your royal giant.  The combo is the royal giant, followed by your bomber and fire spirits.  This makes it a ten elixir push and you are able to spawn the royal giant right in front of the bridge if you wanted to.  The theory around this combo is the since they do not have the inferno tower, their main royal giant counter will be either the minion horde or the barbarians.  The fire spirits can take care of the minion horde to the point where that one minion who survived will do very little damage.  This situation will have your royal giant and bomber locked onto the tower with only one minion at half health and the enemy arena or crown tower locked onto the giant.  The ending result will be that the enemy arena or crown tower that is being contested will be destroyed.  If the enemy does have an inferno tower, that strategy will not work that good.  For these type of decks, you should use the combination of the barbarians and the royal giant.  What is a good strategy is to have your royal giant placed at the front of one of your arena or crown towers.  This will buy you enough time to save up one more elixir to get the barbarians down in time.  You want the barbarians to be split between the royal giant.  What that means is that you want two barbarians in front you your royal giant, and two barbarians behind your royal giant.  This takes timing and because you are in the royal arena, you can probably do timing pretty well now.  This lets the barbarians distract the inferno tower so the royal giant can survive a lot longer.  By doing this, he can probably survive around ten seconds longer which is huge.  The reason you do not have all four barbarians in front of your royal giant is because it is very vulnerable to any wizard or bomb shots.  Having all four of the barbarians grouped very close together will make it easy for the enemy to place down a single wizard or bomber and defend quite easily from your push.  Having the royal giant in between the barbarians will make it impossible for the wizard to hit all four of the barbarians at once and makes it extremely difficult for the bomber to hit all four the barbarians at once.  This will help your push stay alive and ultimately do more damage.  With this push you should be able to get their inferno tower destroyed and, depending on how well they defend, three to ten whole shots on their arena tower.  The royal giant is very strong during the game right now because it has not received a nerf yet.  The hog has received a nerf which will probably make this strategy more prevalent in the meta.  The royal giant is strong against any defense that is placed down because he out ranges all of them but two.  He is weak against high damage troops like the mini the pekka, the pekka, the barbarians, and the minion horde.  He is also very vulnerable to a non placed inferno tower because the inferno tower’s scaling damage can kill the royal giant before the royal giant kills the inferno tower.

BomberCardBomber-  This little skeleton with a bomb is show in in another low arena deck of mine because I think it is the best splash damage in the game as of arena two or the bone pit.  It is the cheapest ground bound splash damage buy far trailing the witch at five elixir.  You do not need to use the baby dragon because air based splash damage is not really needed at this point and time.  The only splash damage for air would be the three elixir minions but that is a very little problem because you can defend them easily with the spear goblins.  Since the barbarians are unlocked in this arena, the bomber is stronger than ever now.  It can kill the whole group of barbarians without the help of your towers.  He does so much splash damage at such a high rate of fire that the barbarians will just get absolutely melted.  Also, by playing the bomber on the barbarians, it will grant you a three elixir advantage.The bomber is so frequent in my deck because at this stage many people use all the small hit point troops like the archer, spear goblins, and the regular shank goblins.  Having the bomber in your deck will make those three cards very useless to your opponent and make them very annoyed.  Additionally, the bomber is great at supporting pushes that involve the giant because the bomber’s range allows him to shoot bombs past the giant skeleton.  Also, if the bomber gets locked onto the tower will full health, he will do a lot of damage for the price of three elixir.  Be careful though, the bomber can be killed using direct damage spells like the lightning spell or the fire ball.  The bomber is extremely weak against point damage troops like the prince and the mini pekka and is also weak against air troops like the baby dragon and minions.

BarbariansCardBarbarians– The barbarians costs five Elixir.  This is best used to counter Princes, P.E.K.K.A, and the Hog Rider. They are also an extremely helpful distraction for smaller troops that can do major damage if left untouched, like the Minions, Spear Goblins and the Goblin combo.  Also, the Barbarians can help defend against the  dark prince if the situation is desperate, but is not recommended counter since the Dark Prince is a pretty good Barbarian destroyer.  The barbarians can also counter a miner.  All you have to do is place the barbarians where the miner will pop out and only one of your defending barbarians will get killed,  If the Barbarians are set on top of the much feared Sparky, they can easily destroy it, and you will gain a major Elixir advantage.  The barbarians in this deck is for defense though.  If the enemy spawns in a hog rider, send your barbarians just in front of the contested arena or crown tower.  If you do this perfectly, the hog rider will get no damage onto your tower.  Usually though, the enemy hog rider will squeeze through and be able to get one shot off.  Additionally, if the enemy combines a fireball, zap, or fire spirit and zap combo,l they will be able to get a lot more damage off onto your tower so be very careful about what they have to support the hog rider and make adjustments accordingly.  If they send in a prince, the barbarians are a great hard counter to him and will kill the enemy prince with ease.  In my opinion, the Barbarians are one of the biggest staple cards in the game.  The barbarians are extremely vulnerable to splash damage units like the bomber, the Valkyrie, the witch, the fire spirits, the sparky, and the baby dragon.  The barbarians are also very vulnerable to most direct damage spells such as the fire ball and the lightning spell.

SpearGoblinSpear Goblins-  The spear goblin card is one of the most basic troops in the game.  For its early unlock at Arena 1, it is surprising how well they perform.  The Spear Goblins not only can defend against goblins, enemy Spear Goblins, and Minions in a on verse one with the help of your Tower, but it can also be used at the very beginning.  If the Spear Goblins are used right at the start, you force your opponent to either react to them by placing a much more expensive troop, leaving an option to have a hard counter ready, or make them just watch those Spear Goblins chip 300 damage off their tower.  300 may not seem like a whole bunch, but do that 2 or three times in a match, and you got yourself 1000 free chip damage.  The Spear Goblins can also kill a Princess that is on the bridge very quickly as long as the princess is distracted.  If the princess is not distracted and you deploy the spear goblins, they will die before they can kill the princess, making you basically waste three elixir.  On a very good note however, you can do an advanced move with these spear goblins.  The spear goblins are extremely vulnerable to splash damage units like the bomber, the Valkyrie, the witch, and the baby dragon.  The spear goblins are also very vulnerable to any direct damage spells such as the fire ball, the arrows, and the lightning spell.

MinionsCardMinions– This deck uses the Minions instead of the Minion Horde.  The Minions are preferred in this deck over the Minion Horde because you want to keep the cost of troops low.  By keeping the cost low, you will be able to cycle through your cards faster.  The Minions also do well enough against air troops like the Balloon or Baby Dragon, although for the Baby Dragon needs to target your Crown Tower first.  Minions also can take out the Barbarians with the help of the Spear Goblins.  This leaves you with a major counter push at the ready.  Also, these blue little monsters can help destroy Prince rushes with the help of some ground troops.  Even if your enemy uses Arrows, you are not at a Elixir disadvantage, unlike the Minion Horde.  The Minions could also kill a Sparky before it can take its aim at the Tower.  The minions are very vulnerable to anything that attacks air troops like the baby dragon, the witch, the spear goblins, the musketeer, and the wizard.  The minions are also weak to direct damage spells like the zap spell and the arrows.  Both of these direct damage spells will give your opponent an equal or an advantageous elixir trade.  It is strong against group troops that have a medium or low amount of health.  The are strong against the mini pekka, the musketeer, the barbarians, the pekka, and the princes.

FireSpiritsCardFire Spirits-  The fire spirits are your other splash damage card.  The reason why they are not your only splash damage card is because they die when they give out damage.  This makes it hard for them to support a push all the way through because once they run into a troop, they no longer can support your push.  However, their damage is insane for only two elixir.  Their damage exceeds 500 and can be put out all withing one second.  This lets the kill bunched up thinks very easily like skeletons, spear goblins, and the regular goblins.  It can take out equal level spear goblins, skeletons, or regular shank goblins with only one out of the three fire spirits that are present.  This means that this one card that only costs two elixir can kill all three of those cards costing a combined total of five elixir.  The fire spirits can also nearly take down barbarians to the grave.  The fire spirits can make the barbarian’s health points go so low that your arena tower can finish them off with out taking any damage.  This gives you a three elixir value and a great quick reaction counter to swarm troops.  The fire spirits do not do well against high health singular targets like the pekka, prince, or balloon.  They also are countered by the zap spell.  It does a so so job against troops that have medium health like the mini pekka, musketeer, and wizard ( as long as they can reach their target without dying).


Inferno Tower Clash Royale WikiInferno Tower-  The inferno tower is a great card to have in your deck.  Because of the abutment use of royal giants and hog riders at your level, the inferno tower can be a great defensive card.  It can effectively take out both the royal giant and the hog rider.  The inferno tower will easily take down the hog rider but it will give you a one elixir disadvantage.  However, it can also kill off a few of the hog rider’s supporting troops which can make up for that damage.  Also, if yo are facing a person who has a hog rider as the main source of damage, you can preplace your inferno tower so you can have an elixir sink and not max out on elixir.  This will make your enemy hog user have a harder time getting to the tower.  However, if they are a royal giant user, you should not preplace the inferno tower.  This is because the royal giant can out range the inferno tower and effectively take it out with no damage done to himself.  This is basically throwing away five elixir  is a horrible decision.  What you want to do is have them place down their royal giant and then you wait.  Once the royal giant crosses the bridge, you want to place your inferno tower down so it is within rage and can start doing damage to the royal giant immediately.  In a one v one situation, the inferno tower will win every sing time as long as both of the cards are at a near comparable level. The problem with this strategy is that if the enemy sends in barbarians, minions, or the minion horde in front of the royal giant, the inferno tower will not be able to kill the royal giant.  This is because the inferno tower will get distracted by the troops the enemy placed in front of their royal giant.  A way to counter this is to use a zap and put your own minion, spear goblins, or barbarians to help counter the situation.  If your enemy does place troops in front of his royal giant to protect it from things like the inferno tower, be prepared to have a difficult time with his deck.  Also, the royal giant will most likely get at least a few hits off on your tower.  Do not worry though as this does not happen very often.  With that in mind, it would be smart of you to do the same.  You should place either your minions or your barbarians in front of your royal giant if they have an inferno tower so your royal giant will get a few hits off their tower.


ZapCardZap– The Zap spell is mainly used to support your royal giant.  The best way to use the zap is to either severely injure a minion horde and let your spear goblins or your minions finish them off.  The other major use for zap in this deck is to stun any inferno towers.  With the most recent update,. the zap will now reset the inferno tower’s damage.  This will greatly increase the life time of your royal giant and make this deck even stronger.  Remember, the longer your royal giant stays alive, the longer your high damage per second troops stay alive, and the more damage you can put onto enemy building, arena or crown towers, and on their troops.  The zap will be your best friend because since it resets the inferno towers damage, it is better than the freeze spell.  As a bonus when compared to the freeze spell, the zap spell only costs two elixir while the freeze spell costs four elixir.  This lets you put two more elixir into your push that would have been spent on freezing the inferno tower.  I recommend you zapping the inferno tower when the inferno tower’s beam is on the second stage.   This will allow the royal giant to receive little damage and by the time the inferno tower resets, locks back onto the royal giant, and charges back up, the tower should be destroyed by your royal giant and the other supporting troops behind him.    With this zap your pushes should be able to hit harder and last longer, a great support spell when trying to take down an enemy arena or crown tower.  The zap spell hard counters small troops like the spear goblins, the regular shank goblins, the skeletons, the minions, and the minion horde.  The zap also counters the goblin barrel spell quite well.  It has a hard time when trying to kill high health point troops like the golem, the pekka, the barbarians, any type of prince, the balloon, and other troops like that.  The zap can also stop the princes charges and make them start walking before they charge again .  This allows the zap to be used in some tight defenses when a prince is right next to your tower.