Hey guys, good to be back. Today we’re gonna talk about a very hot topic in the recent times in the clashverse.

Clash Royale is about an year and a half old now. It is pretty much the only Mobile esport that has such a huge player community all around the world with tournament prizes reaching upto a million dollars, in the CCGS finals this fall. There are thousands of pro player contracts being signed every day. There indeed is tons of money in the clash royale universe. The question thus arises- Who earns the most in Clash Royale? How? Why?

Well, today is the day that those questions will be answered.

Recently, a Youtuber names Clash with Ash released the details of the highest paid pros in clash royals who have earned the bragging rights by competing and winning in various Clash Royale  tournaments organised around the world. The list ironically does not include the first ever person to win an official supercell tournament- Jason, whose Giant Hog deck dominated back in the day. Anyway, without further delay , let’s get into the list.

NOTE: Only includes winnings from official supercell tournaments.

10) Atchin:

There is a 3 way tie for the 10th place . Atchin has won 15000 USD and is from Latin America, winning the national ccgs and beating Adrian, a very skilled player, much to the surprise of everyone.  He is good at almost every deck- Giant, Miner, etc. He also hopes to win the global CCGS to be held somewhere in November and claim the massive 1 million USD prize.


Backstabx is a graveyard user. He is an American, currently a member of the Hollywood Hammer Esports team. He has won 15000 USD as well . He is actually a really good guy , as after he bought a car from his winnings, he gave the rest to his parents. A wonderful gesture.

8) Oxalate-

Standing  strong at 15000 USD winnings from Clash Royale tournaments, Oxalate is really the standout person on this list. He is a member of the Hollywood hammer esports team, but never really got into the limelight. Just a brief mention of the hammer esports community, that they will be hosting various esports tournaments all over the world.

7) STK-

STK is a very skilled 3 musketeer player who used the Vietnam deck in the national CCGS. He is from Hong Kong, China, and is a sound and good guy to play with. He is currently looking strong at 20000 USD winnings, most of them from the Shanghai CR

6)Coltonw83- 21000 USD

Colton is really just known as Clash Royale’s good guy. He shows respect to his opponents in every match. He represents Texas, United States and finished 2nd in the Kings Cup . Colton is also a Youtuber with a fairly big audience.

5) Surgical Goblin

With a massive winnings of 25000 USD, and my own personal favorite , Surgical Goblin has made this list at #5. Surge is an extremely skilled guy who can literally play any deck and still beat most. He represents the Netherlands,  and finished 1st in CCGS Europe. He is not afraid of not playing the meta, as was evident in the CCGS, where he barely used the Night Witch in the whole tournament. He is that good. He also has a Youtube channel with a 200000 subscriber base.

4)TMD Tao Yao- 25000 USD

TMD yao yao is a beatdown God .He mostly uses Cards like the Golem, being a pioneer in the Golem-Graveyard Strategy. He was the winner of the Kings cup, where he completely dominated , losing only 1 match. He represents China and Hkesports and Is part of The Master Dragon team.

3) Hunzhe- 26000 USD

Hunzhe is only Chinese player who is part of the Hkesports team.  He finished 2nd in the Shanghai Tournament, which had the largest prize pool  of an official clash royale tournament so far. However, the record will be broken by the Global CCGS with a prize pool of a million US dollars. Hunzhe is a “Goison” player, a strategy consisting of the Giant and poison, something which does not really seem to fare well these days.

2) TMD Aaron-35000 USD

Coming in at the 2nd position , we have TMD Aaron , a Chinese  representing Hkesports and a part of The Master Dragon, with a whopping 35000 USD.  Aaron is a Pekka Ram control player who likes to try different versions of the deck. He even uses the Golem 3 Musketeer deck, along with a very interesting Pekka- Lava deck. It is clearly visible that Aaron is a beat down lover.

1) Mingshen- 55000USD.

With a colossal earnings of 55000 USD, Mingshen tops the lists of the highest earning Pros in Clash Royale. He finished 1st in the Shanghai Tournament , which was very surprising. He is a beatdown lover who won with a modified LavaLoon Deck. He is a really great guy, and plans to compete in future Tournaments and grow his career as a Clash Royale gamer.

So That’s it for the list guys. I hope you enjoyed it. The crazy thing about clash Royale is how much it is helping people. Someone on this list bought a car from his winnings, someone will probably invest in other stuff, and someone will also Buy a new laptop, or a sofa, or give the money to charity. It just comes to show how much clash Royale is affecting people’s life and changing it in the better way. What started as a regular mobile game, is now increasingly becoming an esport with the power of changing people’s life. The niche that games were just a waste of time, that yielded not return at all, is fast eradicating. It is very refreshing to see how games are helping people live their dreams . Funny enough, so is my case. I myself am writing articles about this game, which would never have happened had I not played Clash Royale.

Great job done by supercell for organising such tournaments and I hope to see more soon.

If you have any questions feel free to comment down below. Cheers.