Hey guys, it’s time for another round of balance changes. Finally. It’s been a few months since the last balance change came and this was mainly due to the fact that so many new items were getting added in game. This time Supercell has taken a very different approach on various cards, and there are not that many cards that are being tweaked. So let’s get into them!

The Nerfs: 

Every round of balance change is accompanied by some nerf, which is done by toning down various cards.

1) The Night Witch: The Night Witch is getting absolutely destroyed. Her damage is being reduced by 9%, range by 11%, Bat spawn speed to 7 seconds (from 6 seconds), and she will now spawn 2 bats upon dying instead of 3. Many troops will now survive one extra shot from her and her reduced range means she will no longer evade the king tower when hitting the princess tower.

This clearly indicates what a beast she was before the nerf. The obvious implication of this nerf is going to be millions of players complaining about not being able to play with the Night Witch in her glory days. Now that you look at the magnitude of this nerf, one can clearly see that for the cost of 4 elixir, she was extremely overpowered. Another thing peculiar about the update is that if it the Night Witch was actually so overpowered, why did they wait 2 months to nerf her? Clearly a very surprising move by supercell. Nevertheless it is good to see the Night Witch finally being nerfed.

2) The Graveyard: The graveyard had a slightly better win rate, and is hence getting nerfed. It’s duration is being reduced from 10 seconds to 9 seconds, and it will now spawn 15 skeletons instead of 17. An uninterrupted graveyard could almost take down a tower on it’s own, and supercell believes that this nerf will ensure that it is not that big of a menace to deal with anymore. I would say this is a very balanced and deserved nerf, and it will allow for more skilled gameplay instead of just spamming graveyard.

3) The Heal Spell: The Heal spell was clearly too powerful in combination with the Three Musketeers, and it is hence receiving a nerf. It’s duration is decreasing to 2.5 seconds (from 3 seconds). It will also have a more consistent healing tick. The duration decrease means that it will now heal 440 HP (from 616Hp). This is a 30% nerf to the heal spell. This will ensure 3 musketeer heal wont ruining matches and phones, because it can really be very frustrating at times.

4) The Battle Ram: Lets face it. When the Battle Ram first came, barely anyone found it to be a useful card, let alone being OVERPOWERED. Well, as time went by, the Battle Ram turned out to be one of the strongest cards in the game and is hence receiving a slight but meaningful nerf. The Ram will now charge in 4 tiles instead of 3, and the barbarians will spawn from it after 1 second instead of 0.8 seconds.

5)The Electro Wizard: To wrap up the nerfed cards in this balance update, the electro wizard is being nerfed by reducing its health by 2%. Although this change is very ,very subtle, it ensures consistency with other cards. The Electro Wizard is a very strong card and somewhere along the lines there was always another nerf coming, just to tone it down a little.

The Buffs: 

In this round of balance changes supercell has taken a very different approach of the cards to be buffed, as almost none of the cards that are buffed were expected to be, except maybe the Ice Wizard.

1) The Mini Pekka: The Mini Pekka is receiving a buff. It’s damage is being increased by 4.6%, or from 570 up to 598. It’ll now 1 shot electro-wizard, musketeers, and wizards. This is a very surprising buff seeing how well used the mini Pekka was. It was unarguably one of the best cards in the game. This buff is actually a very big one as it will now one shot many meta cards in the game. A very surprising move by supercell. I expect the mini pekka to be one of the most used cards in the game after this buff.

2)The Xbow & Mortar– That’s right. Out of nowhere the xbow and mortar are receiving a buff. Their deploy time is being reduced down to 3.5 seconds from 4 seconds. This is primarily because their usage rates had gone very low, and also because supercell wasn’t getting enough hate comments . If your opponent is a tad bit slow to react to the xbow and mortar, it will be a hard way out for them, because then the opponent will have to just simply protect them. Either way, this change will definitely broaden the scope of the meta. You will definitely see more angry faces in the arena!

3)The Dark Prince: The Dark Prince saga never seems to end. since it’s release , it has been subject to various buffs and nerfs. This time, it is receiving a buff. It’s Damage is being increased by 6%, and hit speed is being increased to 1.4 seconds. What’s more, is that it’s damage per second is also being increased by 15%, which is MASSIVE. It will now 2 shot 3 musketeers, including a charge hit, which will make him very handy. This change will make him a card to look out for.

4)The Ice Wizard: The Ice Wizard, after probably ages, is finally receiving the much needed and anticipated buff. It’s damage is being increased by 10%. He will now finally be able to one-shot skeletons , bats, and kill archers and minions in 1 less shot. This will make him an extremely handy card once again. However, to compensate for this buff to not entirely make him overpowered, his hit speed is being decreased to 1.7 seconds from 1.5 seconds, lowering his damage dealt per second by 5%. The good thing is that he will no longer be frustrating to use.

5)The Bats: The Bats had a practically 0 use rate due to the night witch basically being a thousand times more useful at twice the cost. Hence, their count is being increased to 5 from 4 in a bid to make them more appealing to players. Don’t be tricked by supercell though, as the ice wizard can one-shot them.

That’s it for this round of balance changes

see you in the arena!