For January and February, we will be offering a 100 Gem reward to all guests and hostsmeeting up for Clash Nights in the beta regions.

This reward can be obtained once per month, so those of you active in the Clash Nights community can earn the reward in both January and February!

To be eligible for the giveaway:

  • You must be physically present at a Clash Night organized through or the in-game “Meetup” tab
  • You must be checked in and have your check-in confirmed by the host at the meetup
  • This reward is for January and February only and limited to once per month
  • The Gems will be added to your account’s Gem balance within 1 week of the Clash Night – we will inform you with an in-game message as soon as it happens

EPIC Hosts!

With the giveaway going live, now is a fantastic time to host your own meetup. You can find more info here and join our Discord to connect with other hosts.

Host three successful Clash Nights in a row to become an EPIC host, which we are currently rewarding with a $250/€250 discount code to our merch shop!

What is Clash Nights?

Check out OJ’s video here!

Clash Nights Beta is currently live in Canada, California, Finland, Hong Kong and the UK.

See you in the local Arena!
The Clash Nights Team

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