Tombstone Clash Royale WikiThe Tombstone is a building card available from Arena 2. In its lifetime of 40 seconds, it spawns Skeleton every 2.9 seconds. The cost for the Tombstone is 3 Elixir. At level 1 it has 200 hitpoints and is upgraded up to 512 hitpoints. The main purpose of the Tombstone is to distract the opponent’s troops with high hitpoints such as the Prince, the P.E.K.K.A etc. The Fireball can easily destroy with the Fireball and the Valkyrie. When destroyed the Tombstone spawns 4 Skeletons. A good strategy to use the Tombstone is as a distraction for the Hog Rider. When placed in front of the Tower, the Hog Rider focuses on the Tombstone and eventually crashes it, but at the same time the remaining Skeletons are attacking it, and by the time the Hog gets to the Tower, it will remain with low health. Clash Royale describes the Tombstone as: “Troop building that periodically deploys Skeletons to fight the enemy. When destroyed, spawns 4 Skeletons. Creepy!”