Goblin Stadium Clash Royale wikiThe Goblin Stadium is the first official Arena in Clash Royale. It does not require any trophies, since it is the first Arena. The Goblin stadium unlocks the Spear Goblins, Goblins, Goblin Hut, The Valkyrie, Lightning and the Goblin Barrel.The Chests in the Goblin Stadium are unlocking different rewards. The Free Chest unlocks 20-25 Gold, and 3 Cards.The Silver Chest unlocks 16-20 Gold and 3 Cards.The Golden Chest unlocks 55-65 Gold and 10 Cards, among which one is rare. The Crown Chest unlocks 130-170 Gold and 20 Cards, among which 2 are rare. The Magical Chest unlocks 160-200 Gold and 30 Cards, among which one is epic and 6 are rare. The Giant Chest unlocks 430-530 Gold, and 80 cards -8 are rare. The Super magical Chest unlocks 960-1200 Gold and 180 Cards, among them 6 are epic and 36 are rare. Most of the cards that are unlocked in Arena 1 are Goblin based.