Trophies Clash Royale WikiThe Trophies are a reflection of the player’s skills.  During the battles, players can win or lose Trophies. Other than showing the players success, Trophies are used for unlocking Arenas. In order to unlock the Goblin Stadium or the first Arena you don’t need Trophies since it is unlocked just after the Tutorial is completed. The Bone Pit or the second Arena is unlocked with 400 Trophies. The Barbarian Bowl or the third Arena is unlocked with 800 Trophies. The P.E.K.K. A`s Playhouse or the fourth Arena is unlocked with 1100 Trophies. The Spell Valley or the fifth Arena is unlocked with 1400 Trophies. The Builders Workshop or the sixth Arena is unlocked with 1700 Trophies. The Royal Arena or the seventh Arena is unlocked with 2000 Trophies. And finally, the eighth Arena or the Legendary Arena is unlocked with 3000 won Trophies.

During the battle, you can either win or lose Trophies. The number of Trophies the player is going to win or lose is calculated by the difference between the enemies. Therefore, if the player is going to win a battle with better player than him, he will earn more Trophies. On the other hand, if the player loses a battle from a weaker enemy than himself, he will lose more Trophies.