Witch Clash RoyaleThe Witch is the most wanted troop card, available after the Training Camp. With medium speed and deploy time 1 sec, the Witch produces three skeletons every 3 seconds, attacking both air and ground with 0.7 hit speed in 5.5 range. The cost for the witch is 5 elixirs. At level 1, the Witch starts with 500 hitpoints, 38 area damage, 54 damage per second and level 6 skeletons, and it goes up to 965 hitpoints, 73 area damage, 104 damage per second and 13 level skeletons. The Witch is most useful behind the Giant or the Prince, so it can handle the smaller troops. Two Witches combined together is a Saturday Night Fever :). She is fragile to Barbarians. Clash Royale describes the Witch as: “Summon skeletons, shoots destructo beams, has glowing pink eyes that unfortunately don’t shoot lasers.”