Elixir Clash Royale WikiThe Elixir is one of the essential Resources in Clash Royale. It is produces every 2.8 seconds, and where is only one-minute left, the Elixir production is doubled. Each player can hold on maximum 10 Elixir. It takes only 5 Elixir difference to either win or lose. Of course, if you manage to beat the high Elixir cards with low Elixir cards, then you will be in Elixir advantage and the chances to win the Battle are very high. Another way of obtaining Elixir is through the Elixir Collector. The profit you will get from the Elixir Collector is 2 Elixir. During the game, the player should never sit at 10 Elixir, but also, the Elixir must not drop to 0.

The cost of the Cards in Clash Royale is measured by the Elixir. The most expensive card costs 8 Elixir and the cheapest card costs 1 Elixir. The optimal Elixir cost of the deck should be around 4. Everything that is under or bellow this number, will result in Battle loss.

The Elixir is very valuable resource in the game, so you should use it wisely.