Ice Wizard Clash Royale wikiThe Ice Wizard is a troop card available from Arena 5. With medium movement speed and hit speed of 1.5 seconds, the Ice Wizard attacks air and ground troops within range of 5.5. It starts with 700 hitpoints, 63 area damage and 42 damage per second and is upgraded up to 1022 hitpoints, 91 area damage and 60 damage per second. The Ice wizard has the ability to slow down other troops. It is a good support troop for the troops with high hitpoints like the Giant Skeleton. Although the Ice Wizard can slow down the troops, he can be defeated by group troops such as the Barbarians, the Musketeer or the Goblins. Clash Royale describes the Ice wizard as; “This chill cater throws Ice Shards that slow down enemies` movement and attack speed. Despite being freezing cold, he has a handlebar mustache that`s too hot for TV.”