Princess Clash Royale wikiThe Princess is a troop card available from Arena 7. With hit speed of 3 seconds and 3 arrows, the Princess attacks both air and ground troops within 9 range. The Princess costs only 3 Elixir and starts with 216 hitpoins, 140 area damage and 46 damage per second, and is leveled up to 315 hitpoints, 204 area damage and 68 damage per second. The Princess is very good at attacking from distance, and since it has great area damage but low hitpoints, she should be placed somewhere in the back, where she cannot be defeated so easy. The Princess is fragile to spell Cards, so don`t hesitate to use a Fireball against her. It is also very good at damaging buildings and Arena Towers. Clash Royale describes the Princess as: “This stunning Princess shoots flaming arrows from long range. If you`re feeling warm feelings towards her, it`s probably because you`re on fire.”