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Split Push Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck features the ice wizard and princess as your most valuable cards.  The ice wizard is good on the attack and on the defense.  The princess allows you to attack from a far, giving you an advantage...

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Basic Desk

Background Information This deck revolves around the cards that you get within your first few arenas you get into.  Because of this, they should be good for a beginner level clash royale player as you are more likely to have...

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Frozen Hog Tower Deck

Background Information This deck uses the push of the hog rider, a support troop, and the freeze spell.  Another push you can do is a double wizard push.  This deck is strong against hog rider decks but weak against hut spamming...

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Expensive Elixir Desk

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck features three musketeers as your main damage source.  The wizard allows you to have some splash damage in your deck and your barbarians will help you if your opponent has a golem, giant, or...

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Original Legendaries Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck features the ice spirit and princess as your main damage source.  The bomber and fire spirits are for a cheap and quick defense.  It also allows you to get some chip damage if you have no other...

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Valkyrie Spirit Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck’s main push is your Valkyrie supported by all your other troops.  Your furnace  will allow you to have constant pressure while your elixir collector will be used so you never run too low on...

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