Three Musketeers Clash Royale WikiThe Three Musketeers is a troop card available from Arena 7. It targets both air and ground troops within 6 range. With hit speed of 1.1 seconds and medium speed, the Three Musketeers is a card with 340 hitpoints, 100 damage and 90 damage per second, and is upgraded up to 870 hitpoints, 256 damage and 232 damage per second. The Three Musketeers cost 9 Elixir, therefore the player should have a good strategy for those three. A Fireball or a Rocket is a very effective opponent of the Three Musketeers, so at a very low Elixir cost the opponent can cause a significant Elixir advantage. The Three Musketeers should be combined with a high hitpoint troops. If ignored, they can easily destroy a Tower. However, it is a tricky card to be played, so the player should really give it a lot of thought before using it. Clash Royale describes the Three Musketeers as: “Trio of powerful, independent markswomen, fighting for justice and honor. Disrespecting them would not be just a mistake, it would be a cardinal sin!”