Legendary Arena Clash Royale wikiThe most wanted Legendary Arena or Arena 8 is unlocked with 3000+ Trophies. It does not unlock any cards, but you can purchase the Legendary cards from the Shop. In this Arena, the players can gain Legendary Trophies, which will be stored in the Legend Trophy count of the player. The Free Chest in Legendary Arena unlocks 76 to 95 Gold and 11 cards, 1 is rare. The Silver Chest brings to the player 61 to 76 Gold and 11 card. The Golden Chest contains from 209 to 247 Gold and 38 cards, 3 rare.The Crown Chest will provide the player with around 550 Gold and 76 cards, among which 7 are rare. The Magical Chest will surprise the player with 608 to 760 Gold and 114 cards, 3 epic and 22 rare. The Giant Chest in this Arena is indeed Giant, containing from 1632 to 2040 Gold and 306 cards, 10 epic and 61 rare. And last, but not least the Super Magical Chest unlocks from 3648 to 4560 Gold and 684 cards, 22 epic and 136 rare.