Gems Clash Royale wikiThe gems are one of the most important resources in this game. Along with the gold, they are the main currency in Clash Royale. They are one of the most important resources, because with it, the players can buy gold and unlock chests. During the gameplay, the gems can be earned from opening the Free Chest and the Crown Chest, and their number varies between 2 and 4 gems in one opening. They can also be earned by completing Achievements. For completing the Achievement Team Player, this is the when the player joins a clan, you can gain 100 gems. Completing the achievement Friend in need, when you are donating card, you can gain from 3 to 10 gems, deepens on what level of accomplishing this achievement the player is. Road to glory and Gatherer will also bring you from 3 to 10 gems, and the last Achievement, TV Royale gives 5 gems.   Every player starts with 100 gems.

The gems can also be purchased in the shop. 80 gems or one fistful will cost you 0.99$. 500 gems or one pouch will cost you 4.99$. 1200 gems or one bucket will cost you 9.99$. 2500 gems or one barrel will cost you 19,99 $. 6500 gems or one wagon will cost you 49,99$. And finally, 14000 gems or one mountain of gems will cost you 99,99$.