Clash Royale is a strategy based card game released on January 5th 2016 by Supercell. It is not exactly the sequel of Clash of Clans, but it certainly has a lot of similarities. Unlike Clash of Clans, where you are building a village, in Clash Royale you are collecting cards, you upgrade them and that is how your troop is becoming more powerful. The player wins the battle when the opponents towers are destroyed. The interesting part is that you are playing head to head with another human player, real time, not against a computer controlled base. The game is free to download, available for Android and iOS users 13+. You also need a network connection to play this game.

It is a RTS game, where the player should learn how to manage the resources very effectively. The main resource in the game is the elixir. It fills slowly during the match,which means the players should deploy the best combination of cards so that the towers will be protected. Each player has three towers, so the winner is the one who will destroy more of the opponents towers. The one who will destroy the Kings Tower is immediately the winner. When winning, the player earns trophies, therefore he/she gains higher level and enters higher Arenas. The most important thing is to be patient, because a concentrated attack with a great combination of cards will be much more effective than some panic deploying of random cards. If you know your cards, if you set the right battle deck and if you use the elixir right, that will bring you a certain victory.