Builder's Workshop Clash Royale wikiThe Builders Workshop or Arena 6 can be reached with 1700+ Trophies. It unlocks two building cards, Mortar and Elixir Collector. The Golem is unlocked in the Builders Workshop and also two legendary cards Sparky and Miner. The Free Chest in the Builders Workshop contains from 52 to 65 old and 8 cards. The Silver Chest unlocks 42-52 Gold and 8 cards. The Golden Chest unlocks 143 to 169 Gold and 26cards, 2 are rare. The Crown Chest unlocks 338 to 442 Gold and 52 cards, among them 5 rares. The Magical Chest contains 416 to 520 Gold and 78 cards, 2 epic and 15 rare. The Giant chest unlocks from 1118 to 1378 Gold and 208 cards, 20 are rare. The Super Magical Chest will unlock around 2800 Gold and 468 cards, among them 15 are epic and 93 are rare.