Bone Pit Clash Royale wikiThe Bone Pit is also known as Arena 2. In order to enter the Bone Pit, the player should have 400+ Trophies. If the player enters Arena 2 and then looses a fight, there is a tolerance to 350 Trophies. If the player goes under 350, he will be send to the Goblin Stadium again. The Bone Pit unlocks cards that are mostly Skeleton based, such as the Giant Skeleton, the Tombstone, the Bomb Tower, The Balloon and the Skeletons. The Minions are also unlocked at Arena 2. The Free Chest at the Bone Pit unlocks from 27 to 34 Gold and 4 cards. The Silver Chest rewards the player with 22 to 27 Gold and 4 cards. The Golden Chest unlocks from 74 to 88 Gold and 14 cards, among them 1 is rare. The Crown Chest unlocks from 176 to 230 Gold and 27 cards, 2 are rare. The Magical Chest is giving 216 to 270 Gold and 41 cards, among which one is epic and eight are rare. The Giant Chest is unlocking 581-716 Gold and 108 cards, 10 of them are rare. The Super Magical Chest unlocks from 1296 to 1620 Gold and 243 cards, among which 8 are epic and 48 are rare.