Skeleton Army Clash RoyaleThe most numerous troop card is available to play from Training Camp. This epic card counts 20 skeletons, with 1 sec hit speed, 1 sec deploy time and melee range of attack. The cost for the Skeleton Army is 4 elixirs and their target is the ground. Starting at 30 hitpoints, 30 damage per hit and 30 damage per second, they don’t level up much. The highest upgrade of this card is 57 hitpoints, 57 damage per hit and 57 damage per second. Although they are very fragile, one arrow will destroy them all, the Skeleton Army is very effective with cards like the mini P.E.K.K.A and the Prince. Bombs and arrows are their greatest enemy. Clash Royale describes the Skeleton Army as: “Summons an army of skeletons. Meet Larry and his friends Harry, Gerry, Terry, Merry, etc.”