BarbariansThe Barbarians is a troop card that is available from Arena 3. With hit speed of 1.5 sec and medium speed, the Barbarians are attacking within melee range. Four at count, their main target is the ground. The cost for the Barbarians is 5 Elixir. They start with 300 hitpoints, 75 damage per hit and 50 damage per second, and are upgraded up to 927 hitpoints, 231 damage per hit and 154 damage per second. Since there is four of them the Barbarians are very effective against enemy cards and Crown towers, or a single enemy troops, if they are dropped on time. Combined with the Musketeer or the Archers, they can handle a lot of damage. Dropping them oh the Prince or the Hog Rider can be a smart move. The Fireball, The Bomber ant the Bomb Tower are great enemies of the Barbarians. If you are out of those, you can use the Poison, as it will deal high damage on the other supporting troops. If left alone, the Barbarians can be easily destroyed by the Valkyrie. Clash Royale describes the Barbarians as: “A horde of swordsmen with mean mustaches and even meaner tempers.”