Clans Clash Royale WikiThe Clan in Clash Royale is a community where the players can donate cards and receive cards and upgrade their skills learning from the best. The players are able to join a Clan when they reach Level 3. At Level 3 the player can also start his own Clan for the cost of 1000 Gold. The maximum number of members a Clan can have is 50.

There is a hierarchy in the Clan and it goes like this: Leader, Co-Leader, Elder and Member. The Leader is the one who created the Clan, and in the begging he is the one who is making the decisions. As the Clan grows, he will not be able to keep track on every player and the other things that are going on it the clan, so he has the power to name Elders. When members promoted to Elders, they are able to manage the other members, accepting and inviting new members, or kick out members. The next promotion the Elders will get is a Co-Leader, and with this promotion they will be able to change the Clan settings. As we said, the Leader is usually the one who created the Clan, but this can be changed if the Leader decides that he want another player to replace him, so he will demote himself as a Co-Leader and the player of his choice will take over the roll od a Leader. The Leader gets to choose the name and the Badge of the Clan.

There are three types of Clans:

  • Open Clan, where anyone can join if they meet the requirement of minimum Trophies needed in order to join a Clan
  • Invite Only, where the players are requesting to be accepted in the Clan, and some of the main roles in the Clan, will decide whether to accept the player or not
  • Closed Clan, where the Clan is closed for requests, unless they decide to invite someone of their choice.

All the member in the clan, despite of their role, can donate and request cards. They can request and donate only rare and common cards. The player can request cards every 8 hours. When they are donating, for each common card donated, the players receive 1 XP and 5 Gold, and for each rare card donated, the players receive 10 XP and 50 Gold. There is a donation limit of 60 cards per day.

The players can battle with their Clan mates, not in the Arena but in a Friendly Battle. If the player wants to fight some particular member, he will just have to leave a message when hitting the Friendly Battle button. When fighting friendly battles, the players are learning new strategies form their clan mates and that way they are improving their game. The players can share the Friendly Battle on the Clan Wall, but also can share a battle they played in the Arena.