Archers Clash RoyaleArchers is a troop card available from the Training Camp. With medium speed, and deploy time of 1 sec, the Archers target is both air and ground, attacking within 5.5 range. The cost for this card is 3 elixirs, and the hit speed is 1.2 sec. Archers are a great combination with the Giant, protecting his back. They start with 125 hitpoints, 40 damage per hit and 33 damage per second. They can be upgraded up to 351 hitpoints, 112 damage per hit and 93 damage per second. The Archers are good against Minions and Goblins. They are mainly used as a support with other mini troops. Clash Royale describes Archers as:” A pair of unarmored ranged attackers. They’ll help you with the ground and air unit attacks, but you`re on your own with coloring your hair.”