There are several different types of Chests, beginning with the Wooden Chest, Free Chest and the Crown Chest, then there are the Silver, Golden, Giant, Magical and the Super Magical Chest. When Clash Royale was launched, there were only the Silver and the Golden Chest available. The Giant and the Super Magical Chest were added as an upgrade in the game.  All the Chests are stored in a place called Chest Slot, which every player has, and every player has up to four Chests in the slots. When the Chest slots are full you can still battle with the other players, but you will not be earning any Chest until some of the slot becomes available.  Every Chest consists rewards, such as Gold, different type of cards and upgrades. Only the Free and the Crown Chest are giving Gems as a reward. The reward is better from the Chest earned at higher arenas. The good thing about all this is that it doesn’t matter if the Chest is Magical, Super Magical, Silver etc., any Chest can contain rare, epic and legendary cards. All the Chests have different unlock time, but if you don’t have patience to wait, you can pay Gems to unlock them. The Giant, Magical and the Super Magical Chest are available for purchase in the shop.

Wooden Chest

Wooden Chest Clash Royale WikiThe Wooden Chest is the Chest that is awarded after winning a battle during the tutorial. It has an unlock time of 15 seconds. It is available only in the Tutorial phase.


Free Chest

The Free Chest is generated every 4 hours, and it contains rewards such as Gems, Gold and cards. Since they are generated every 4 hours, and the player hasn’t been online all day, Free Chest Clash Royale Wikithe uncollected Chest will remain and can be unlocked when the player is online. There can be max 2 uncollected Chests. If the player hasn’t collected neither of the 2 Chests that are waiting, the time will stop, and no Free Chests will be generated until the player collects one of the two Chest that are waiting to be collected. If you are collecting every Free Chest on time, you can collect max six Free Chest per day.


Crown Chest

Crown Chest Clash Royale WikiThe Crown Chest becomes available every 24 hours and it can be unlocked if the player collects 10 crowns in the battles. They contain rewards such as Gems, Gold and card upgrades. Since it is generated every 24 hours, the Crown Chest starts the countdown, as soon as the previous chest becomes available for unlock.


Silver Chest  

Silver Chest Clash Royale WikiThe Silver Chest is earned by winning battle. It is the most common type of Chest, and it contains cards, upgrades and Gold. The Silver Chest is unlocked within 3 hours and because of that, the cards that are contained in it are mostly common cards. You can also unlock it by giving 18 Gems.


Golden Chest

Golden Chest Clash Royale WikiThe Golden Chest is earned by winning a battle. It contains better rewards than the Silver Chest. It also contains Gold and cards, but it is more likely to earn rarer cards from the Gold Chest. It is unlocked within 8 hours or you can unlock it if you pay 48 gems.


Giant Chest

The Giant Chest was not available when the game launched. It was added as an upgrade of the game in March. The Giant Chest is unlocked within 12 hours. You can also buy it in the Giant Chest Clash Royale Wikishop or you can spend 72 Gems. The cost for the Giant Chest increases as the level of the player is getting higher, because higher arenas are unlocking more rewards. If you unlock the Giant Chest, you will definitely get a large number of rare cards.


Magical Chest

Magical Chest Clash Royale WikiThe Magical Chest opens within 12 hours if you win it in a battle or instantly if you buy it from the shop. If you buy it with Gems, it will cost you 72 Gems or less, depends on the time left to open the Chest. The Magical Chest guarantees just a few rare cards, but it will most certainly provide you with an epic card.


Super Magical Chest

As we said earlier, the Super Magical Chest was added afterwards along with the Giant Chest. You can open it within 24 hours if you win it in a battle or you can purchase it in the shop. If Super Magical Chest Clash Royale Wikiyou have spare Gems, then you can get it by spending 144 Gems. The Super Magical Chest contains the best rewards, large number of rare and epic cards, and the good thing about the Super Magical Chest is that you can finally add to your deck a legendary card.