Minions Clash RoyaleThe Minions is a troop card available from the Bone Pit. With hit speed of 1 sec and 1 sec deploy time, the Minions target both air and ground within 2.5 range. For the cost of 3 Elixir, you get 3 fast Minions, who are mostly used for attacking air troops. They start with 90 hitpoints, 40 damage per hit and 40 damage per second, and are upgraded up to 252 hitpoints, 112 damage per hit and 112 damage per second. Combined with cards with high hitpoints like the Giant for instance, the Minions are protecting him, while the Giant moves along toward the Towers. Left alone, they are fragile to the Arrows and the Fireball. They are very useful against the Balloon. Clash Royale describes the Minions as: “Three fast, unarmored flying attackers. Roses are red, minions are blue, they can fly, and will crush you!”