What is Gem Rush?

Looks like Supercell is being generous this year with another amazing event earning you gems.  With your soon to be earned gems, you may be able to upgrade that one card, get your first legendary, or even just open a few more chests before the year is finished.


When does the Gold Rush start?

The Gold Rush event starts on December 25 th and end on December 28 th.  This 3 day event will allow you to earn up to 250 free gems.

How to earn the Gems

All you have to do is play normally and after each tower you destroy, you will get some gems.  If you played during the gold rush, then you know how it works.  You can get up to 10 gems for a crown tower and up to 15 gems for the king’s tower. The amount of Bonus Gems  you receive depend on your arena rank- the higher your Arena, the bigger the bonus!