Hey guys, today we are going to discuss about something very important. The champion challenge has finally arrived inside of the game, with the stakes being very high. Winning the challenge guarantees a place in this year’s CCGS championships . With the prize pool being around $1000000, the challenge is a must play. Millions of players from all around the world will be competing in the challenge in an attempt to win it all. So let’s get into the best tips to win the challenge!

The Challenge

The challenge will last 5 days, from 16th august to 21st august. Every player will have 3 free entries, with there being several 1 time rewards to ensure that you are rewarded for every milestone you achieve, including giant, magical, and a legendary chest, and to finish things up a whopping 250000 gold prize for winning the challenge, also a one time reward. The subsequent entries will cost 10 gems, giving every player ample chance to show their skills in the challenge. Also, you need to be older than 16 years to qualify for the fall ccgs. This is majorly because of the travel issues, along with maturity.  Supercell wants to make sure the players are old enough to cope up with the challenges of inter-continental traveling ,etc.

Anyway, moving on to the best tips to win the challenge.

The Sweet Spot

One question that i’m sure the majority of the players have in their minds is when to play? Keeping skill and luck aside what in the general terms is the best time to play the challenge?

There are two approaches to this question. Either you want to quickly get done with this challenge or wait for some time, get some statistics from the challenge. Both have their advantages and downsides.

Playing early, i.e as soon as the challenge starts will match you up with more casual players, increasing your chances of winning, but the downside is that you will have absolutely no idea about the favourable decks/ conditions that are prevailing at that time, which is a little risky.

Playing at the end, i.e, the last 10-12 hours will also expose you to casual players, who have used up their free entries and are now trying desperately to win the challenge. Many will rage quit as well, increasing your chances of winning. Moreover, you will know the statistics related to the challenge, and if you are a skilled player you will enjoy an even higher success rate. The downside however, is that many skilled players will also apply this strategy so it will be luck based at times.

The truth is, if you are a skilled player with the right qualities to win this challenge, you will win it. But if you would ask me the sweet spots, i.e., the times when it will be best to play, it would probably be at the very beginning or the very end.

What? – Deck Selection

Now that we’ve got the basic question solved, let’s move on to the next one. What to play with? Which deck will get me 20 wins?

Let’s get one thing clear. There is NO deck that will guarantee 20 wins. At the end of the day success will more or less depend on you, how you’ve played.

However, what can be told is the certain deck archetypes that are more rewarding that others. But wait, don’t just pick of something out of the blue because it is a “good” deck. I would suggest you guys to pick a deck that you’re comfortable with, a deck which is known inside-out to you. This is because 20 wins is too far away. In the long run only you can determine your victory. If you still want some good basic deck types-

1. Hog cycle

2. Bridge spam


4. Log-bait/ Barrel bait

Another tip is to stick to the deck which you use. Don’t completely change it just because you lost a match or two. If you are unable to succeed even after using your free wins, sit down in peace and carefully review your losses , pinpoint your mistakes, and make adjustments. See that whether is was your deck, or you, that was failing.

Don’t know what to play with? Go with Golem/Lavahound/Xbow decks. As a siege player let them make mistakes, keep defending and when you think they’ve over committed, push.

How?- General Tips

Now it is time for the final tips, now that you guys know when to play and what to play with. Often we make mistakes in hurry or fear of losing, or getting nervous. Well, I got you covered guys.

One very basic but important tip is to never make drastic changes, even when you are extremely  pissed at the game or your deck.  Stick with your play style and make minute adjustments like discussed above. Be aware of your weaknesses.

It is always better to play defensive. The match lasts 6 minutes. That is ample time to silently take down one tower when you enemy is sleeping. In order words- defend, defend and watch your enemy, observe how he plays and his card rotation. (I cannot stress how important it is to know exactly what cards your enemy has and what he will play. These things will come to you on their own after practice. Once you get a hold of this you are set). Once you see the enemy make a mistake, in the form of over committing or simply being too casual, push HARD. All it takes to win and all it takes to lose is one good or bad move.  Choose wisely.

It is also very important to know all about counters; your counter to your enemies’ cards and his to yours. Once you know this you will be able to make more risky plays, which will more often than not result in victories.

Don’t make silly mistakes just because you start to panic. Don’t be afraid to draw. If you think the enemy is better , defend and see the match out. Practising defending will only make you a better player. Pick the right time and spot and punish your enemy.

If your enemy is playing defensive, chip them out. Defend but constantly keep inflicting some damage on their tower, be it in the form of spear goblins, arrows, log, etc. After a point of time the enemy will panic and make mistakes, when you can finally push properly and bring home the victory.

That’s it for this guide. I hope it was informative and it yields you a lot of success in the challenge. To conclude, i’d like to say- It ain’t over till it’s over. Never give up.